About Us

About us

Approvemylease.com is a leader in foodservice equipment financing composed of a group of highly experienced and seasoned professionals. We are different from banks, and other lending institutions who only accept the most credit-worthy businesses. We have a big focus on offering financing to well established businesses, start-ups, and businesses that have yet established a strong credit history.

So please contact us today or apply now for a free, no-obligation analysis of your equipment and financing needs.

Our Process:

  • Apply
  • Pick out your units & leasing options
  • Review & sign documents electronically
  • Receive equipment
  • Complete final verification


  • A registered business
  • Basic business information (Legal name, tax id, etc.)
  • Personal Guarantor (For businesses with no credit history or under 2 years in operation)

Financing Solutions Available:

Buy now & pay later: we offer seasonal deferred options for 30, 60, or 90 days. Call for more details!

  • Lease-To-Own

    Lease-to-Own is a financial services solution that gives you ownership of the equipment following the receipt of all scheduled payments. The lease payment for a Lease-to-Own contract is calculated over a specific period of time that is three months less than the lease term, (Example: 33 months vs. 36 months) and the last three payments that are made hands over ownership of the equipment. The Lessee owns the equipment outright once all contracted payments have been made.

  • $1 Buyout Equipment Lease

    Our $1 Buyout Equipment resembles our Lease-to-Own lease in that ownership is transferred after the last payment has been made. However, the full term of the lease is utilized to calculate payments, and there is only one single dollar payment required to be made at the end of the contracted lease period. $1 Buyouts are only available within certain approvals, and states.

  • Fair Market Value Equipment Lease (FMV)

    “Fair Market Value (FMV) at the end of that period of time, and after all scheduled payments have been made, the Lessee (user of the equipment) can take advantage of one of three options: return the equipment, purchase the equipment for a specific amount (typically 10% of the total receivable) or continue to rent the equipment on a monthly basis.” This option is usually utilized for software’s and technology, for example POS systems.